So this what 22 feels like…

Id like to put two things into perspective;

  1. Time is just a concept us humans created, It doesn’t matter how young or old you appear to be on Paper, I believe you can do anything you set your heart to wether you’re a bright eyed and bushy tailed first year or a 45 year old Housewive. Don’t ever let your age limit your potential. Believe in yourself and your capabilities.
  2. Maturity in my opinion has more to do with the adventures and experiences you have gone through than the amount of birthdays you’ve celebrated. If i can offer one solid piece of Advice to any twenty-something year old is to Travel. Take every opportunity you get in life because somethings only ever happen once. I have learnt and grown extensively through my travels and can’t imagine not hopping on an airplane and breathing in that ‘new adventure’ feeling i get every time.

I can’t explain it- you’ll have to experience it for yourself.


so this is what 22 feels like



  1. Ahmed
    August 23, 2016 / 5:56 pm

    Super cool, nice blog keep going

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