Its Pink and Fluffy!


Riri and Puma are back at it again…

Yes this is what you CAME for! 

With the re-launch of their super cute statement “Leadcat” slide sandals by Riri and Puma, they
 have the fashion world up in arms with every girl on the block dying to get their perfectly manicured paws on a pair of these…uh, Bad girls?

The “Leadcat” slide sandal boasts a fluffy faux fur strap with the PUMA logo embroided on it along with a comfortable satin foam backing and is available in Black, White and Pink at Cop Capital Wednesday 24 August and Silver/Grey this Friday 26 August.

These kittens can be paired with almost anything. Try a casual day look, for instance grab that trusty White-T and those ripped denim jeans (you did or did not steal from your boyfriend) or bring out a quirky side to a White-T paired with a silk night dress.

Dress them up when you hit the pool like the fabulous queen you are, dress them out when you hit the streets or dress them down and wear them around your apartment in your stripey pink VS gown like I am right now… Whatever your heart desires. Meow!


The Pretty Little Fool


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