Tashas. A taste sensation and DAMN is it easy on the eyes…

A boutique cafe that boasts unique plates along with a homey feel while still remaining elegantly chic. 

It’s a no brainer when deciding on a restaurant that has a warm and comfortable atmosphere yet you also feel like you are getting that five star treatment while also satisfying a wide variety of palettes.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner… You are always promised a deliciously detailed meal served to stimulate the eyes as well as the ‘saliva glands’ and make you want to have seconds. It’s definitely a good thing the kitchen is in close proximity.

I was recently introduced to a Tasha’s Petit( Nelson Mandela Square-Sandton City ) as I like to call it, and couldn’t help but get excited about the separate menu of the small decadent cakes and coffee’s to go. How convenient for a side-passer who just wants a slice of Tasha’s infamous Carrot cake.

What started off as a single chain restaurant at Atholl Square (Johannesburg) has led to a franchisor’s dream come true and although the brand has expanded faster than Caster Semenya on the athletics track… Their quality has most definitely not been compromised.

Tasha’s can be found in 14 different locations in South Africa with each location having the standard Tasha’s menu along with a distinctive menu specifically designed for each individual branch. They have also branched out over the oceans to accommodate the Middle East with a branch in Jumeirah. I wonder where their next move will be?

The Pretty Little Fool’s recommendations:


Sweetcorn Scramble- a light fluffy scramble mixed with sweetcorn topped with spring onion bacon bits and perfected with parmesan shavings.

Lunch:The Butternut Salad- oven baked to perfection paired with a liberal amount of rocket, avocado, tomato feta cheese/goats cheese and with a sprinkle of pine nuts.

Creamy Pesto Pasta- finished off in a white wine sauce or the smoked Salmon Fish cakes accompanied with a fennel, tomato, radish and avocado salad.

* For the more Carnivorous type: I doubt you’ll find Ribs in South Africa that can compete with Tasha’s Ribs. Don’t even try fight me on this!

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