My latest trip to the Gary Rom Hair Salon…


Girls and their hair… This is an ongoing saga and I’m sure that you all agree with me. Are long and luscious locks even attainable nowadays with the amount of chemicals we use? I seem to find myself constantly in search of the perfect hair products and I think I just might have come across them. After an afternoon at Gary Rom, I could not only see the difference, but I could also experience the difference. From complimentary drinks and meals to a complete hair analysis. It’s the real deal. Ladies, your hair is the only crown you never take off. My advice- invest in products that actually work!
I strolled into Gary Rom( Brooklyn Mall) with the intention of adding some summer lights and would you look at that… Surpris Surpris… after a thorough analysis on the state of my scalp, hair and its elasticity, I was informed that my gold locks were not in the right condition to go all Kylie September 2016 edition. I have never known this to be a thing? I was definitely relieved to find this all out and my darling stylist, Roelene got to work immediately to start working some of that Gary Rom magic!!!

Roelene decided to treat my hair with the Blonde Brilliance Shampoo (by Gary Rom) that builds strength, adds shine and restores elasticity in the hair.

She then introduced me to the Gary Rom Silk Force Treatment , a six week course to restore damaged hair to a strong and nourished state.

To my delight I was offered a complimentary scrumptious meal and enjoyed reading the latest Elle magazine while the treatment worked its magic.

After the treatment, my hair was conditioned with the Hydro Infusion Masque (by Gary Rom,) which also improves the elasticity of the hair.


I strutted out of that salon feeling like a bombshell! My stylist really understood what my hair needed and looked after me so well. She also recommended that I use the products that she used on my hair (listed below) so that I could continue to improve the quality of my hair and get it to where it needed to be.

It’s been just over 2 weeks now and I’ve already seen and felt an improvement from the first wash. My hair feels so smooth and healthy and I’m really happy with the results. I can’t wait to go back for our follow up appointment to see if the condition has improved enough so we can go full out Khaleesi!




Gary Rom Hair care products are available at all Gary Rom salons !


  1. Coral
    October 28, 2016 / 10:36 am

    Makes me want to go get my hair done – love it

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