look after your skin this holiday season with PureTBY

They say a change is just as good as a holiday and I must say I do agree. I have also found that this applies to my skincare regime. With the constant travelling, I found that my skin needed something… something je ne sais quoi?!


I recently stumbled upon @pure_tby who offer a range of products that seemed to be just what I needed. Easily ordered and quick delivery! 


After using these products for about 2 and a half weeks I’ve already noticed a numerous amount of improvement and changes that I thought I’d share with you.


Some of my faves are as follows:


Firstly, I must commend them on their teeth-whitening tooth-paste: My oh my this offers instantaneous results. I don’t have very white teeth and also avoid smiling but this toothpaste is like an instant fix. It’s made me brush my teeth as often as I get the chance to because I know I’ll walk away with pearly whites. I know they have a 2 for 1 giveaway up for grabs and I’ll be the first one purchasing that because this stuff works! 

Lately my skin has been extremely oily and I haven’t been able to control that until I read the benefits of the glacial mud mask that I keep on for a few minutes to absorb all the oil. After washing the mask off my skin felt smooth and also, LOL free to my relief. 


Another product of theirs that I’ve been using on the regular is their curling mascara… This magical brush makes my lashes extra lengthy and curlier than ever. I’m sure this is due to the shape of the brush which is completely unique.  


These products have become my staples. I have incorporated them into my daily-routine and use them religiously. If you can relate to some of these issues- I highly recommend you join the pure_tby fam!

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