A week of Bliss

They say that with every New Year there are 365 chances to be whoever you want to be. That means there are 8760 hours to start something new or accomplish that goal that you have set for yourself. That’s 525600 minutes or 31536000 seconds. I think this is really amplified by it being the Chinese year of the Rooster– I mean if that doesn’t say,” wake up early and get shit done,”- I don’t know what would!

I wanted to start this year strong and set the tone for what I wanted from these 365 days and who I want to be for every minute of every day. I think the two go hand-in-hand. As the first chapter of 2017 comes to a close it is essential to reflect and identify with what our daily habits are and how these actions can hold us accountable to being the very best version of ourselves. Both physically, mentally and as girls: emotionally.  

So, due to some family spoilage, I totally lucked out and had some help achieving this – so girrrrrls- do not freak out if you are 32 days into this year and totally not where you want to be. There are 333 days left.

I was lucky enough to spend some much needed RnR in the Natal Midlands at the Brookdale Health Hydro. It is said to be the “Ultimate Health and Wellness Retreat.” Here I spent some time focusing solely on myself, managing my stress, creating a daily routine and nourishing my body with right amount of food and self-love pampering. This time was nothing short of perfection and utterly blissful if I might add.

Every morning you are woken up at 6:30 am with tea at your door, where I totally maximized this opportunity and added in an additional aloe shot, to get you up before a 7 am nature hike. Wow. Breath-taking views and the chance to appreciate what an incredibly beautiful country it is that we live in. Surreal at best.

On your return breakfast is served promptly at 8am by the resident chef, and absolute angel I would like to add, Juliet who makes every meal not only both nutritious and delicious, but a food extravaganza to remember. The colours and the different tastes tingled and made dining an experience, not merely just a means to satiate hunger pangs.

Throughout the days you are welcome to relax, have treatments that range from body massages to facials, or read that novel you bought in February last year that you just haven’t had the chance to get around to, or catch some sun rays and replenish that vitamin D you have been missing. A few treatments that really stood out for me were the Brookdale Bliss massage which is an 85 minute back & neck massage as well as the Reflexology and scalp massage.

Other than these luxurious treatments, Brookdale also offers educational talks on stress management, healthy eating and exercising which are optional but very insightful and definitely something to look into. Pilates and Yoga classes are also offered as an additional activity and what better way to find your inner Chi and let all that weight loose from those shoulders.  

All in all- this is an experience that I highly advocate and might be just what the doctor ordered for that new-year inspiration. We all lead really hectic lives and should take a break every now and then. Am I right- or am I right ladies? The staff at Brookdale were also such a treat and truly helped me find my center.

Namaste pretty little fools! I hope you make this year one to remember! C’est la vie!


check out a short edit i made of my stay at Brookdale Xx

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