BaeWatch; Melissa Alves, make up extraordinaire


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Outstanding or remarkable in a particular capacity. That is, by definition, how I would describe this talented Portuguese/South African whose secret talents lie in her ability to turn a blank canvas into a hyper realistic piece of art with her weapons of MAC destruction, the 217 blending eye brush and the 168 angled blush brush. Meet Melissa Alves, Johannesburg local and Make up enthusiast.

1. Describe yourself in 3 words. 
Sarcastic, weird, fun

2. When did you realize that this(being in the make up industry) was what you were meant to do? 
I knew it when every time I left a client I genuinely felt happy and fulfilled.

3. What has been your biggest challenge so far? 
The biggest challenge has definitely been maintaining consistency, it’s a challenge in the sense that being a full time freelance artist won’t always pay the bills. Some months you will be penny pinching whilst others will have you thinking you can really do this and carry on, but for the most part it isn’t easy and it is a process with which you have to be really patient.

4. Who is your beauty Icon/Role model? 
I can’t say I really have a specific one.
I always admire strong independent woman, whether it’s a close friend or a complete stranger working hard to build her empire.

5. What/who inspires you? 
I am inspired by fashion, art and music. The way it makes me feel or should I say the MOOD it has me in to be able to conjure up some looks.
Artists who stand out for me and get my creative juices flowing are Danessa Myricks and Pat McGrath. Those that are able to blend the line between beauty and high fashion looks.

6. There are so many trends these days, what is your Favourite /signature look and what look would you like more girls to try? 
I have to say healthy dewy, glowing skin, it’s my signature and it’s a staple trend that I believe more women should open themselves to regardless of the skin type you have, you can customize this trend look to suit your skins needs. Skin is in and the plascon wall paint effect is out!

7. You’re running late for a lunch date with Beyoncé. You have 15 minutes to pick out an outfit and do your make up…..GO! What do you throw on and what do you do to your hair and make up? 
Outfit: I would throw on some beautifully fitted high waisted denims with a rocker tee and some killer staple black rocker boots every girl should own. Cool and comfy.
Makeup: Get out my MAC face&body as it’s quick to apply with the warmth of your hands, a little paint pot action, some mascara and lip balm, not forgetting the sunnies to add the extra dash of glamour.
Hair: Out the shower damp towel dried hair with some texturing spray to give it added volume and a bit of a wave.

8. What 3 make up items should no girl leave the house without? 
1.Lip balm
2.Blotting powder
3.Gum (I know this isn’t makeup related but it is needed, you can’t have a pretty face and a stank breath)

9. Is there a quote that you live by and would you mind sharing it with us?
Yes I do, in fact this is my own personal little quote; “Passion never fails.”
I believe if you truly love what you do that someday you will succeed in it because you will always have the desire, love and passion to make it work.

10. What services do you offer as a freelance make-up artist and how can potential clients get in contact with you? 
I offer my makeup services be it weddings, matric dances or just the odd special occasion. I also offer personal one on one lessons where I go in depth with my client and what they would like to learn.
I am best reached at my email address

11. If there was anyone that you could invite to a dinner party who would it be and why? 
Ooh does it just have to be one? Haha I love fun people and I’m all about having fun so I’d have to say ASAP Rocky (haha I think a lot of people know by now he is my MCM) , some Miguel and Naz because I mean couple goals and Khloe Kardashian, only because she knows how to have a good time and always seems to be the life of the party. No business people, we can organize meetings for that haha.


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