Hotels in Los Cabos, Mexico: A Thompson Experience

I’d only ever heard of Cabo from American TV series (The OC to be exact) and Youtube videos. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that on my second visit to this surreal Country that I’d be able to visit the incredible Arch Mountain that we see all over Instagram these days.

It was a direct flight from New York City to Mexico City. Afterwards I had to take a smaller plane heading towards Cabo (Approx. 3 hour flight time) and found myself in a rather dry climate. My surroundings looked as if i was enveloped in a tumbleweed struck dessert, which strangely enough is how they depict Mexico to be in old western films. Fast forward a 40 minute taxi ride and I’m pulling up at what looks like a large industrial slab of concrete with no expectations whatsoever.

Walking towards the main lobby, I’m suddenly taken a back with what could be the most beautiful view looking out towards  The arch of Cabo San Lucas.

Welcome drinks are served as you enter the open space lobby-A fresh lemongrass aftertaste lingers and while I roam around the lobby of what I can already tell is going to be one of my favourite hotels, I am in awe of how unpredictable this raw beauty of a view is. This ladies and Gentlemen, Is The Cape Hotel situated in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The staff, are fluent in both English and Spanish, and are extremely friendly and helpful. The check-in process is seamless and the staff will happily chaperone you around the hotel premises and to your suite. I suggest booking in advance to ensure a  corner room, which, easily boasts the best view of the bay along with a secluded area for your privacy- the best part was the private Jacuzzi on the balcony. (Can someone pinch me. This felt like I was in my own movie- one of those scenic scenes directed by Ang Lee). The perfect spot to relax, sip on a Mezcal cocktail and enjoy the sunset with a handsome Mexican. 

For dining, The Cape Hotel boasts an excellent Restaurant, The Manta, Their wine collection covets both sides of the entrance wall. Trust me, you won’t go thirsty and I could highly recommend the Guacamole (Big fan of avocado) along with the octopus kebabs.

Whether it was the high thread count linen on the bed or the long day of travelling, I fell asleep on impact and woke up to a beautiful blue-skied, sun kissed Cabo.

Waking up I could have ordered breakfast in bed but then you stand the chance to miss out on the breakfast buffet anticipating your arrival. Catering to all palettes, Mexican to International and diet friendly.

There is so much to do especially being right on the beach front- Jet skiing, surfing, whale watching and parasailing – the list is endless. This is the perfect location for a fun, water filled holiday or if you prefer to take it easy, lounge by the pool or at your private jacuzzi which was one of my favourite things about the hotel, très romantique.

I found Cabo to be rather Americanised therefore very accommodating to tourists.  

This was my first stay at a Thompson Hotel and I can’t wait to get the chance to explore more of their hotels Nationwide.





  1. Jackie
    September 17, 2018 / 5:01 pm

    Loved reading your experience in Los Cabos Mix.

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