When in Dublin…

After recently spending a week in the beautiful city of Dublin; walking around and falling in love each and every step of the way, I must just say that I finally understand the luck of the Irish.

It may have originated in the mines – but it has most definitely filtered through to the city. I mean just the aura that the city holds and the smells that float through the air, are intoxicating to say the least.

Walking down the streets I passed the infamous Temple Bar (definitely the starting point for any pub crawl) on my way to Trinity College and made my way up past Grafton Street, I couldn’t help but notice the quaint and interesting cafés and restaurants that bustle into the street. Being a health conscious person- I was elated to notice that there were so many choices and healthier options. It was totally easy and convenient to get that organic, gluten free and paleo pizza or even go full-vegan at any of the restaurants that I visited. What a treat! Having your gluten/vegan “cake” and eating it too! Tantalizing- one stop at a time!

Here is my list of places to go to grab some grub that would leave any foodie salivating:

A healthy bar on top of BT2 on Grafton Street which stocks readymade juices, salad-specials, chia pudding cups and all things healthy yet simultaneously delicious.
My recommendations:
The “Kale Salad Special” which includes the Smooth Kale Salad, the warm soups of the day (sweet potato was a delight) along with a health juice.
For dessert, their Spirulina Energy ball got the eyeballs rolling-this one really tested my will power!

I came across this gem in the heart of Temple Street. I walked inside and found myself In a Paleo-friendly environment where the staff all greeted me with a smile and brought to my attention the amazing Salads they had on offer. This places served Rooibos tea too which scored big bucks in my book because Rooibos is originally from South Africa- and is my all-time favourite tea. Not only is it delicious and soothing- but the health benefits shoot it out of the roof.
My recommendations;
There was one salad that truly caught my eye. The “Falafel Salad,” which was topped with a liberal amount of hummus while big and puffy Falafels lay on a huge bed of beets and carrot- ’twas a match made in heaven and you CANT go wrong with the superfood salad.

A popular place for high tea but look a little deeper at their lunch menu et Voila!
Veggie love for days! An array of different delicacies but I opted for the vegan friendly choices.
My recommendations:
The Broccoli, butternut squash and Cashew-nut option paired with the spinach salad that boasts beetroot, feta and seeds.
Home decor/department store/ foodie heaven on top and at the bottom, Avoca boasts a menu that warms your heart and after looking at their menu, waiting in line amongst hungry “Lunchers” is worth the fight… LOL spoons only people!
My recommendations:
The Salmon Fish Cakes from the down stairs cafe and Edamame beans mixed with Kale OR if you’re in no rush- hit the restaurant upstairs and do try taste their raw spring vegetable salad or their organic Falafel main served with warm pita and hummus- a real Mediterranean treat.
They have a HUGE display of desserts and for the fun of it, Mini desserts!

An Asian-Fusion Twist to Dublin, offering a wide variety of Asian/Thai inspired food. They have everything from deep fried spring rolls to a wholesome Thai Chicken green curry that is also available with Tofu (instead of meat) for the veggie-bunnies.

If food isn’t your thing- then this city will still be your vibe! From Graffiti-styled streets, to pumping bars with the best live music and beautiful shops. A hidden gem and definite bucket-list city! I am definitely a converted Dubliner!

Thank you for scrolling and always yours,

Mikayla McClean
AKA The Pretty Little Fool.

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