Hotels in New York: Let me introduce you to The Mondrian on Park

Piet Mondrian was a Dutch painter and theoretician who had major influence over art in the 20th century. Ranging from naturalistic, Dutch Impressionism and eventually experimenting with pointillism leading to my personal favorite of his… his Cubist phase. Being affected by WW2 Mondrian was forced to leave for New York, which I personally don’t see as a bad thing, and he drew major inspiration from the city which allowed his personal style to evolve….


I thought it was only fitting that, for my appreciation of Art especially Mondrian’s evolving transformation, that I would stay at The Mondrian Hotel in New York City located on Park Avenue only blocks away from The Empire State building. (Ideally located as you can walk to most places on Manhattan!)


>Cue Mikayla McClean as Serena van der Woodsen entry onto set<

A hotel that captivates the essence of both Piet Mondrian and NYC Itself.

Arriving at the Mondrian was a breath of crisp air, as I arrived in winter, it was still chilly but walking into an ideally heated and scented lobby set the tone for my stay, . They accommodated me with an early check in and as a hotel guest you get access to EQUINOX which I can guarantee you’ll spot some cute guys in the weight section.

The rooms were aesthetically illuminating boasting a whimsical yet sophisticated interior with copper accents, copper mirrored closets and side tables paired with Calacatta marble. IG friendly rating = Five stars! However, I found that they weren’t as spacious as one would like. Call it compact. Taking into consideration that many hotel rooms in NYC aren’t as spacious as most, this was not something I could fault.

The hotel has a rooftop bar and lounge that guests can go to relax, attend to emails, and enjoy a tangy cocktail to embrace the alluring views emerged in the NYC skyline. Not to mention, indulge in a Mediterranean snack at Cleo on the lobby level.

Room service was one of my highlights here, it was my first time back in the States for a while and I wanted something quasi American, but that would fuel me for the busy day of touristing ahead. I struck up a conversation with the man on the other end of the line; he highly recommended the omelet with potatoes (Which seemed to be the most American choice at that moment). I added avocado, obviously, and bacon with a glass of Grapefruit juice, the usual. It was precisely what I needed after my 16-hour flight from South Africa the previous day.

I recommend this hotel to anyone heading to NYC and have had many friends give me positive feedback about their stay.


  • Snack bar on #fleek
  • Aesthetic interiors 
  • High TC Linen and top of the line amenities
  • Wifi
  • Comfortable/cozy
  • Attentive and friendly staff


  • Compact rooms
  • Noisy on lower levels

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