Hotels in Hong Kong: A Day at The Upper House Hotel

Hong Kong is a non-stop, 24/7 hustling and bustling city with so much to do and see. It is the pinnacle of the East with the convenience of the Western World. Recently I found myself in Hong Kong for work and after a long day of meetings and a little site-seeing, all I could think about was falling face first into the crisp white linen duvet on my beyond comfortable bed, in my perfectly air-conditioned suite at The Upper House in Admiralty, Hong Kong. Nestled high above the busy streets, you can find this haven of luxury and calmness. It has the ability to make you feel like you are miles away but with the convenience of being central with access to whatever it is you need.



After a tedious flight I was collected in a sleek-looking SUV where the real luxury of my trip began. After climbing into the vehicle I was offered a complimentary breakfast menu to order from; giving the chefs at Café Grey ample time to whip up my much needed breakfast that would be awaiting my arrival in the hotel.


images by Michelle J Proctor

Upon arrival at the hotel I was welcomed with many warm and cheerful smiles and I was escorted up the ‘stairway to heaven’ (as I like to call it) to the Lobby. After such royal treatment, I felt all the stress from the flight wash away. Staying at The Upper House gives you a sense of complete relaxation and is the perfect place for taking it easy during a hectic business-trip.



images by Michelle J Proctor


After being taken to my room where my Papaya and Mango breakfast bowl was waiting for me, I could not help but stand in awe at the view of Hong Kong’s Harbour and the skyline of Kowloon from the suite’s window. The suite was very spacious and had its own entrance hall, lounging area, master bedroom and bathroom with a bath tub view that will take your breath away. If, for some reason, you had had enough of the incredible view, you could select a movie and look at that, the bathroom mirror is actually a disguised television, ready for your convenience.



On the Lobby Floor you can find The Lawn, an ideal spot to go take a rest on the deck chairs and enjoy the fresh air and green scenery that surrounds you. Over weekends this area is used for social events and early morning Yoga classes.





On the 49th floor there is the library where you can sit down and immerse yourself in one of the many novels available or enjoy light conversation with colleagues, friends or family. Opposite the library you can find Cafe Grey, a popular Hong Kong Restaurant boasting a wide range of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The restaurant doubles as a bar which is very vibey around late-afternoon and is the perfect spot to enjoy sun-downers with a view, which is nothing short of majestic.



At the end of it all, and when you have had your fill of all that this vibrant city has to offer, you simply head downstairs back to your hotel room and with the click of a button, your blackout curtains are closed… The lights are dimming and before they can fully turn off, you have transitioned into a state of complete comfort and you can’t be sure if you’re dreaming or if such excessive comfort can be a reality. The Upper House is more than a home away from home, it’s a full-service luxury get-away from home.


Comfort. Luxury. Convenience.

Take a look at a short edit of my stay that I have uploaded on Youtube: A day at The Upper House

And a big Thank you to Michelle Proctor for the beautiful images.Check out her website on:


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