Light Play at Calatrava’s ‘The Oculus’

“I am always searching for more light and space.” 

-Santiago Calatrava


As I have embraced learning more about the architectural spaces that I enjoy photographing, I have come to find a new appreciation for light. Light sets the tone. Indoors and out. It is universal and when used correctly can make something ordinary look like a masterpiece. 


Santiago Calatrava, Spanish architect and structural engineer, Infamous for his dynamic neo-futuristic designs and structures, has once again proven to the world that architecture can be both intricately beautiful (depending on your personal preference) and functional. As seen with his constitution bridge and the Ponte Della Costituzione, in Venice, Italy.

 Some may think his structures lack an urban touch as his style can be quite overwhelming and untraditional, however, his structures make a statement and stand out from more traditional designs. I think that’s what caught my attention. His compositions are dynamic and go against the norm and get design enthusiasts talking.

 I am currently in New York and walk past Calatrava’s ‘The Oculus’ often. Its steel and marble structure perched between ‘WTC’, designed by David Childs, is supposed to symbolize hope and optimism in the form of a dove taking flight, yet has received negative publicity due to its graceless appearance.


Costing over $4 billion this 800,000 sq ft transportation hub sees over 250,000 daily commuters pass by, giving the traditional Grand Central Station a run for its money.

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