Sail away with me on Nautors Swans’ Polytropon II

Polytropon II 

Where design rivals performance.

It was an autumn day in October, Summer had simmered down in the Greek Isles for the season and the seas were a vast oil painting waiting to be sailed. This set the perfect scene for a weeks sailing trip to Hydra on none other than Athens own Polytropon II.

This luxury yacht, built in 2018 marks no boundaries to design and function.With a cruising speed of 10 knots, it is beholden only to the boats of old; perhaps those of the Vikings or Greek gods.  The Polytropon II, a Nautors Swan masterpiece, accommodates six passengers within its three luxurious bedrooms. It also carries 6 crew members on an ‘smaller’ dingy.

The furnishings, although inspired by minimalism, appear timeless and through a genius design create an immense amount of space. The two lounging areas are luxuriously spacious making you feel right at home. Relax downstairs or enjoy an alfresco lunch upstairs on the deck while enjoying the sunshine.

Cosy comfort and majestic views- what else is there?

Amenities include Nespresso, cinema, an indoor audio system and Wifi.


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