BaeWatch; Melissa Alves, make up extraordinaire

    Extraordinaire     /ikstrôrdiˈner/     adjective informal Outstanding or remarkable in a particular capacity. That is, by definition, how I would describe this talented Portuguese/South African whose secret talents lie in her ability to turn a blank canvas into a hyper realistic piece of art with her weapons of MAC destruction, the 217 blending eye brush and…
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BaeWatch: Jena Dover, South African Actress and Lawyer

ICON /ˈīˌkän/ noun This South African woman has the world at her feet. Sophisticated, academic and beyond beautiful. Jena embodies the 21st century Woman with her gracefulness in conjunction with her resilient work ethic and unwavering belief in herself. Meet the Icon, Jena Dover. 1.Describe yourself in 3 words: Generous, light hearted and protective   2.  From the Face of…
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